Just because you live in Australia, doesn’t mean you can’t have luscious lawns and gardens.

Nothing beats sitting back in the garden on a warm summer’s day admiring your handy work in the garden. The problem is, come summer most gardens tend to look a little worse for wear. We make it through winter with bare trees and flowerless beds, awaking to a sea of flowers and green grass in spring, only to see it disappear almost as quickly as it came. If your garden isn’t drought tolerant, then summer can be a tough time of year for your blooms.

We have a few tips that you can do through winter and spring to prepare your garden for summer so it looks just as luscious as the day you planted it.


You might think this is a simple suggestion and you’re right, it is. But the reason we have it as number one is mulching your garden beds not only improves the look of your garden, it helps your beds to retain essential moisture during the warm summer months. A healthy covering of a good quality mulch will help keep the moisture levels up to your plants as well as retain water in between watering. It’s important you use a good quality mulch as poor quality can bring in weeds and break down quicker.

Water Crystals

Water crystals are fantastic for retaining moisture in your soil and preventing water loss during rain and watering. When your soil is dry, most water that goes into your beds will run off as it doesn’t get a chance to penetrate or seep in. Mixing water crystals through your soil will help absorb water as it rains or when you water keeping your soil moist. They will also help with preventing your soil from drying out and becoming rock hard, allowing for better water penetration.

Fertilise and Feed

Even if your plants are dormant though winter, they still require nutrients to help build their strength when Spring comes. Feeding your plants and fertilising your gardens will help build their nutrients and give them more change of surviving the summer months. Think of your gardens as people, when we are hydrated and our bodies are nutritionally sound, we function better and grow better. This is the same for your gardens, the more hydrated and nutritionally sound they are, the stronger and healthier they will be. They will also fair better in the warmer weather.

Sprinkler System

Installing a sprinkler system is a great way to easily keep your gardens watered and healthy. No longer will you be standing there with the garden hose every 40 degree night. You will save time and your gardens will thank you for it. Installing a dripper system is highly recommended as the water not only seeps directly into the soil so there is less water loss, but you can use them during water restriction phases too.

Weed and Feed Your Grass

Your lawn is the feature of your garden and nothing beats a luscious green lawn for the kids to play on. Routine weed and feed of your lawn will not only help boost it’s defenses against the hot sun, but also keep the pesky weeds at bay. Did you know that the weeds will take the moisture from the soil, which is why they take over your lawn if you don’t control them. A helpful tip though, always patch test a small inconspicuous area of the lawn first prior to using any weed and feed to ensure it is suitable.

It is possible to have a beautiful lush garden during summer without having to spend hundred of dollars on Yukka plants.

If you are unsure about how you can drought proof your garden or you would like us to give you a price on mulching or preparing your garden, please drop us a line – we love to chat gardens!

Happy gardening.